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Mix 1 part of Johnsons Syrup with 5 parts of Milk. Add Ice Cream if required.

Mix and serve. 



Add cider or your favourite alcoholic beverage with Johnson syrup, ice and mix.


Milk Lollies

Add milk with any Johnson Jamaica Syrup mix and freeze.

Birthday Cake


To flavour and colour icing to you choice. Johnson kola is orange. Johnson pineapple is yellow. Johnson grape is black and Johnson Strawberry is red/pink depending on quantity used.

Grapefruit Cocktail

Old Time Classics

Johnson Jamaica Strawberry syrup mixed with Robinsons juice. 

Mix to desired taste.

Pink Ice Creams

Ice Cream

Drizzle Johnsons Strawberry Syrup over Vanilla Ice Cream and enjoy!

Cocktail Dispenser

Fruit Punch

For a unique and special rum punch mix any of the Johnson Jamaica Syrups with numerous amount of soft drinks with oranges, apples, pears, pineapple sliced and diced.

Place it all in a ball with your Wray and Nephews chill in fridge. Serve chilled.

Exotic Drink

Slush Puppies

Mix ice cubes with any Johnson Jamaica Syrup and water.

For exotics flavours you can mix the syrups with any other flavours for example ginger and pineapple, strawberry and ginger grape and cherry.

Add to fizzy and non-fizzy drinks and freeze.


Sky Juice

Johnson Strawberry Syrup mixed with fresh apple and orange juice.

Serve chilled.

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